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Fishing Report: Wed, Jul 17th at 11:00am

The river has dropped to a good level almost all of our spots are fishable. If reservations are full we should be able to get you out from the standby line. Just show up put your stuff in line and we will take you on a first come first serve basis. For detailed information on what to bring and what time to show up see our webpage.

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Fishing Report: Mon, Jul 15th at 6:28pm

If days are full, overnight is an excellent option.

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Fishing Report: Sat, Jul 13th at 6:11pm

Our customers brought in over 24 fish per person today. The water is still high and spots are limited but it is continuing to drop every day. Every permit holder also caught a king today. To make reservations and for detailed information about what to bring go to

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Fishing Report: Thu, Jul 11th at 8:21am

The river is still high but it is dropping slowly. We believe it might be at a good workable level by Saturday, therefore we will be open Saturday. If you have reservations but would like to cancel because the water level is high you may do so by sending an email to
Otherwise we will see you Saturday morning. I will do an update Saturday evening but we anticipate operating full-time starting Monday. The two pictures represent how high the water did get and where it was this morning.

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