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Hem and Copper River Charters will operate when the personal uses dipnet fishery is open. When placing gear in line during the day, 6am to 6pm, you also need to put your name on a sign-in list, available with one of our employees. Our fare is $120 per person for your first 25 fish and $20 extra on each additional 1 to 10 fish upon return. Couples fishing the same permit are $110 per person. This first opener you will be allowed to stay out fishing for the entire 24 hours if need be, spots will be limited. No checks or credit cards accepted. We don’t take reservations, instead we work on a first come, first serve basis from a line that starts in front of a red cone all the way to the left hand corner of O’Brien Creek. Overnighters are welcome. A piece of gear like a cooler, dipnet or bucket holds your spot; but only if you are there when boat loading starts at 4:45am. Things to bring: HEADLAMP, dipnet, life jacket, tie off rope, stringers for 5 fish on each, hip boots, bucket to wash your spot, fillet or cleaning knife, warm clothes, only 60 qt. coolers or less allowed on the boats with food and drink.

Fishing Report: Sat, May 18th at 7:03am
I know it seems like a lot is changing. In reality all that’s changing is our price and that the first 18 people for overnight and 24 people for date trips will have a guaranteed spot Wednesday night through Saturday. After we get those people out we will still operate on a first come first serve basis until we run out of spots. Monday morning through Wednesday we will still operate on a first come first serve basis. We may also open those days up for reservations after we see how the whole system works, and we get feedback from you.
Also if you have reservations for in the future and you find out fishing is good now and we can get you out, we will cancel your reservation with no penalty to you.
Most of you have not seen O’Brien Creek since it flooded last summer and took most of the parking away. I have to open up my Old store parking lot In case our customers cannot find a parking spot at O’Brion Creek. Then we will have to arrange a ride to O’Brien Creek to catch the Boat’s, and a ride back, upon your return to pick your vehicle up. We also have had to lease extra land from Chitina native Corporation for our cleaning table and for our own parking. Sam and I are working hard to try and keep the level of service you’ve come to expect and help you harvest as many fish as possible. Get your coolers ready. Thanks.

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Fishing Report: Mon, May 13th at 5:46am

Good morning everyone,sorry this is taking me so long, but I am not very tech savvy so I depend on other people to help me. Please have patience as we go through this transition, if you would like to leave constructive comments about how to make the website and reservation system better that would be appreciated. At this time we are going to do reservations Thursday, Friday, and Saturday because those are the days most likely fishing will be open. We are doing 18 reservations for overnight and 24 reservations for day trips. The reason being availability of spots. If fishing is good and spots are available we will take more people out on a first come first serve basis. The rest of the week will be walkins on a first come first serve basis like its been for years. Although we may open the entire week up to reservations when ADF&G puts out their announcement of opening times for the following week. Sam and I plan on bringing your the same, even better service than we have in the past. I will have much more information for you in the coming days and weeks. Thanks, Mark Hem.
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Fishing Report: Wed, Mar 27th at 8:16am

Fishing Report: Tue, Mar 26th at 6:38am

Good morning everyone. It’s been a long winter but now spring is knocking at the door. At the end of last season Sam and I announced we would be changing our business formate. We are just about done and ready to unveil our new system.
I thought you might be anxious for a sneak preview. So this is just a synopsis of some of the changes. There will be more detailed information in the weeks to come.
We will operate under the old system, first come first serve from our line that starts in front of the Red cone. That will happen Monday through Wednesday. Thursday through Saturday will be by reservations only.
You will be able to make reservations on our new website that will be up and running shortly.
If fishing is good Thursday through Saturday and we can get more people out then have reservations, we will do that on a first come first serve basis. We will be raising our fare to 210$ per person. There will no longer be an extra charge for fish over a certain limit. No one likes change and that includes Sam and I. We will endeavor to maintain the service you have come to expect from us and even to improve it. I’ll be keeping you posted as things are ready. Thanks, Mark.

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